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This prestigious program serves as an ongoing talent pipeline for CEC.  We choose our full-time staff from the volunteers that want to move into full-time positions within the CEC family.

The primary responsibility of a CEC Volunteer is to serve as a brand ambassador and provide professional services to paying guests and clients for all CEC events, as well as CEC staff. During this period, Volunteers assist with all aspects of the CEC programs, projects, events, and subsidiaries. After six months, Volunteers become eligible to work utility positions around the office and on the production teams to assist with managing audiences, vendors, live entertainment, and potentially deliver more in-depth event projects.

These more diverse positions provide a way for Volunteers to hone their skill sets and explore their strengths. Candidates are required to make their position as a CEC Volunteer their top scheduling priority.

This is an opportunity to enter the real world of entertainment, learn it from the inside-out, and network with a wide variety of contributors on all levels. The Volunteer Program focuses on the business end of the organization and frequently places talented Volunteers in entry-level administrative positions in the office. The program lasts between 8 and 12 months. Although the position is part-time, hours approach full time during peak seasons. 


The CEC Volunteer Program aims to provide talented individuals with the hands-on experience they need to be successful in the community service business.  It is a stepping stone into a multitude of careers on the business end of the non profit sector as well as the entertainment industry.

Brand Ambassadors

Help get the word out about CEC! Ambassadors spread news about CEC via all social media and at all CEC sponsored community events throughout the country.  This is a great opportunity for those of our followers and supporters who would like to volunteer, but do not live near the office, or are only free on evenings and weekends.  


Production Assistants

There are occasional openings for volunteers to assist our project managers with their events. The responsibilities of these volunteers vary depending on the project they are assigned, but might include: answering phones, sales, conducting research, and social media. 

Clerical Assistants

CEC uses volunteers for a wide variety of clerical activities, including: sending out thank you gifts, compiling membership mailings, addressing envelopes, and calling members. 

Working on Stairs
Outdoor Market


More than 80% of CEC's funds comes from our community events, membership drives, sponsors, and promotional drives.  They are intrinsic to the success of the organization. Volunteers answer phones and record incoming donations. Shifts are generally four hours and are available weekdays and weekends, 6am-10pm. Groups are also welcome, and groups of 4 or more will be recognized when we do our live podcasts and live feeds via social media!  

We Need Your Support Today!

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