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The Cultural Enrichment Center is committed to promoting cultural enrichment in the performing arts. By becoming a sponsor, you are investing in our core mission to advocate for and advance the education and careers of all individuals in the music and fine arts industries. Your support is vital in helping us achieve parity and transform culture. Join us in promoting the arts and supporting our mission by becoming a sponsor today.

As a Sponsor you also have a relationship with CEC that gives you the opportunity to join people who represent many decades of experience, participate in our many programs, and mentor other members and youth. Join our community of artists and professionals who are helping make change to create a community free of bias.

Music Class

Your support enables us to:

  • ADVOCATE. We are focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place through community events. We are leading the charge to create more opportunities for all arts, all people, all ages. 

  • CONNECT. All of our members have access to programs, events, and discounts that are exclusive to CEC members.

  • GIVE. Our community events are a tremendous asset to the community. We provide information, opportunities, and services to all people, no matter race, gender, religion or income status our doors are open to serve everyone.

  • TEACH. Our Music events offers a number of opportunities for both children and adults to be interns and volunteers. We believe that music is the best form of communication in the world, and our MUSIC events provide musical opportunities to all ages on every level. Our ART events teach men, women, young adults and children how to embrace their own beauty and nourish their love for art. We offer ALL of these opportunities to everyone. 

  • INFORM. Our community events, monthly Concert Series, and our Sunday Brunches continues to grow with a variety of impressive offerings, such as Music Showcases for aspiring artists, Art Competitions, Internships for students pursuing music and performing arts careers, and more.

Sponsorship Levels

Includes discounts to all CEC events and series
Listing on CEC website
VIP Invitation to Monthly Concert Series

Includes everything at the Benefactor’s Circle level and:
Annual CEC luncheon
2 tickets to the CEC Annual Gala

2 invitations to the annual Awards Ceremony

Includes everything at the Benefactor’s Circle level and:
Annual CEC luncheon
4 tickets to the CEC Annual Gala

4 invitations to the CEC annual Awards Ceremony

Includes everything at the Benefactor’s Circle level

Annual CEC luncheon
Opportunity to direct funds toward specific

CEC Program underwriting
A Table for 10 at the CEC Annual Gala

A Table for 10 at the CEC Legends Ball

A Table for 10 at the CEC annual Awards Ceremony

6 tickets at VIP Pavilion at the CEC Annual Festival 

Musician on Stage


Help Make A Change

Here are other ways you can support:

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